• Hannah Kaplan

How to find your way

While I feel 100% confident that art is my calling, the process of making art is not always easy. Sometimes it flows out naturally, and other times my inner critic and imposter syndrome start acting up, and it's up to me to find a way back so that I can keep moving forward.

Here's the one piece of advice I like to remember when I’m feeling lost:

Follow your curiosity.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed in our daily lives with trying to balance finances, work, personal relationships, not to mention climate change and systemic racism and a worldwide pandemic.

I’ve always turned to art as an outlet for the feelings that I can’t necessarily put into words, and to channel my energy (which can get super anxious) into something that takes my focus off of whatever it is that I’m overthinking this time.

When my aunt sent over a bunch of photos of my grandma as a young woman, I felt something inside of me being drawn to them. I don’t know whether it’s because I could see parts of myself in her, or the vintage aesthetic, or just this powerful ability to get a glimpse into what her life was like long before I was around. Whatever the reason, I felt a pull. I felt passion. I felt curiosity. And I knew I had to follow that.

I think this definitely applies to artists trying to find their next project, but it can also apply in so many other ways. How often do you actually tune into what your heart is telling you and what you want? Not what other people think you should want, not what society thinks is best for you.

If you're anything like me, you've spent years internalizing external feedback, and now you're trying to reconnect with your instincts and put yourself first. So how can you connect with your intuition and subconscious and invest in yourself instead of falling back on false beliefs that in your heart you know aren’t true but are an amalgamation of the critical things said to you over the years?

What is stopping you from treating yourself as an authority on your own life?

When’s the last time you followed your curiosity, and where did it lead you?

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