• Hannah Kaplan

Painting of the Week: Swept Up

Swept Up

24x30” on canvas



This week's featured painting was created in 2017, and it's one of the only pieces from that time, so early in my artistic journey, that survived.

Seeing my work from this time reminds me of my emotional state at the time, and how uncertain I was about every single thing that I did (in art and in life). 

If it seems like I talk as if I have it all figured out, that's definitely not the case. In fact, looking back on my art journey makes it really clear to me that I didn't start to have even close to the level of confidence that I have now until the last few months. It's that recent. And it's still (and always will be, I think) a work in progress.

While this painting reminds me of a time when I wasn't my best, it also amazes me how much hope I can see in it. It feels like a breath of fresh air, like a clean breeze. And then there's the added bonus of it kind of looking like colourful fall leaves flying around in the wind.

Do you get any of those same feelings from it, or something else altogether?

xo, Hannah

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