• Hannah Kaplan

Want to know my go-to mantra and secret to happiness?

Stop treating other people’s opinions as if they’re more important than your own.

Whether it’s on social media or IRL, relying on others for validation (and feeling personally rejected when you don’t receive it) is literally a recipe for disaster.

Have you ever struggled with relying too heavily on other people’s opinions, and having your emotions depend on the attention and feedback you were getting from others?

If you’re anything like me, tuning out other people’s opinions doesn’t come naturally to you! You probably grew up constantly trying to edit yourself to fit what you thought other people wanted from you. But putting others before yourself can only lead to unhappiness. Recognizing that you’ve been actively tuning out your inner voice is the first step. You probably already feel a strong physical or emotional reaction when someone says something that doesn’t sit right with you. Now it’s about teaching yourself to stand strong in your opinions and not let what other people think make you stray from what you know in your heart to be true.

Have confidence in the decisions that you make based on your instincts. Don’t know how you feel? That’s ok. I’ve been there. When I’m in a stressful situation or there’s a time constraint for me to make a decision, I find that it gets harder to connect with what my inner Hannah is trying to tell me. But relying on how other people feel is only going to take you further away from understanding what you really want. You’re the authority! You run this life.

How can you honour your instincts today?

xo, Hannah

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