• Hannah Kaplan

What's the point of buying art?

What do you actually GET out of investing in original art?

I know that sometimes it can be hard to rationalize investing in something like art where you don’t see a direct benefit from it. Why spend your hard earned money on art when you can pay for a night out, a new outfit, or a bottle of wine?

My collectors understand that connecting with a piece of art that inspires and ignites you on an emotional level is a great way to invest in yourself (and treat yourself)! Plus, with 10% off your first order and customizable payment plans, it’s hard to find a reason to say no.

Here’s what this client had to say about the process of choosing and ordering a painting from me:

I love having Hannah’s painting in my personal private space. The layering of brushstrokes and her intuitive colour choices are peaceful, but I also feel that the painting holds a well of bold energy. Each of her paintings has a subtly different story and tone — it was a treat to view all of her works in her online shop and find one that spoke to me. I’ve actually gone back and looked at my painting amidst the others she has for sale, and I can see how well it fits in with her array of work, but also how it is unique and suitable just for me. Thank you Hannah!”

I mean, you can’t really ask for a better review, am I right?!

Here's the thing: you get to choose to honour your instincts and give yourself permission to invest in art that brings you joy and inspiration every single day. So what’s stopping you?

When was the last time you bought a piece of art for your home, and what made you decide to go for it?



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