• Hannah Kaplan

What you feed grows

For most of my life, I had zero confidence in myself.

I was constantly telling myself:

- you're not good enough

- nobody likes you

- you have nothing to offer

I grew up believing that my only value was in relation to someone else. If I could shape myself to fit what someone wanted, then maybe I would finally be worth something! And if I couldn't be what they wanted, if I wasn't pleasing someone else, then I was worthless. It seemed like an undeniable truth.

I'd always heard that you should treat yourself like you would treat your best friend, but it never worked for me. I was convinced that what I thought about myself was fact, so how could I possibly believe anything to the contrary?

Eventually I started applying the self love messages I would see on social media to myself. Instead of just believing them about others, I directed them at myself. Here's what I've realized since then:

- you are worthy even on your worst days

- your value is not measured by other people

- your thoughts and feelings are not facts

- your beliefs and actions don't have to line up with what you were taught

- the way you speak to yourself matters

It all comes down to where you put your energy. Are you going to focus on treating yourself and others with compassion, or are you going to always believe the worst?

What parts of yourself are you going to feed today and how?

xo, Hannah

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