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My Story

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m a Toronto based abstract artist and general dabbler in the creative arts. Growing up with depression, I had a passion for creating but I never had the confidence or sense of self worth to believe that I could be an artist. I thought that you had to master realism before you could start to experiment, and frankly, that was never going to happen for me. I didn’t have the patience or a strong enough desire to work at it.


When I was accepted into OCAD University in 2013, I was convinced they had let me in by mistake, but I figured I would make the most of things and try a bunch of different mediums in the hope that I would find something that spoke to me. I became frustrated with the way art school projects were set up, with an emphasis on creating a concept and executing it, which felt very unnatural and backwards to me. The reason I found myself drawn to art in the first place was a deep, intrinsic desire to express myself, and that need wasn’t being met in school.


Luckily, around this time I began seeing abstract artists on social media who were creating beautiful expressive work intuitively, from the soul rather than from the brain, and it resonated with me on a deep level. Ever since then, abstract painting has been a place where I can not only express myself intuitively, I can also relieve some of my anxiety and improve my mental health and fortitude.

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Hold Me Up 11x14%22 $60.JPG


"Hannah, your artwork is seriously more than just a painting. It's inspiring, sparks joy, and breathes life into a space. And that all translated straight into a whole room in my home. Thank you for what you do and I hope to always have your wonderful works of creative genius in my favorite spaces."

Just Try It 2019.jpg


"I was initially drawn to the playfulness that Hannah captures in her pieces, and I still find myself exploring new aspects of the painting of hers that I own. I especially love her ethos to creating art being a place to experiment, play and feel. She makes the creative process feel more accessible, even for someone like me who has felt intimidated by the art world, and she actually has inspired me to further explore my own painting practice!"



"Hannah's ability to translate her beautiful essence, and her mindful experience, into visual art creates such joyful vibrant work. Her pieces bring a wonderfully positive energy to the spaces they inhabit in my home."

Original abstract paintings


"I browsed Hannah Kaplan’s sale of her watercolours on her website and  bought a delicate wash drawing bursting with colour and life. She delivered it wrapped perfectly and I have had it framed and enjoy its positive feeling in an important place in my home. Many people have commented on Hannah’s drawing and I am certainly looking forward to acquiring more of her work, as it is wonderful to live with, in fact quite uplifting."

The Fairgrounds at Night.jpg


"Hannah's art delivers energy. When I began to update my writer's space, I knew I wanted one of her pieces in the space to provide me with daily inspiration. Selecting my first piece of art from Hannah - but certainly not my last - was a challenge, as every piece she creates is unique and eye-catching. Hannah aided me in this process. Hannah is committed to her collectors and assists each person to select pieces that they find most captivating. Pick the piece that continues to pop up in your mind. The Fairgrounds at Night did just that. My mind could not escape from its hues of purple, yellow, pink and blue. There was magic in this piece and I felt so lucky to bring it home."

The Kitchen Table.jpg


"Hannah's paintings are bright, beautiful, and full of energy and imagination. I've bought three and counting!"



"Thank you so much. I'm so excited. It looks so nice and brings some really great vibrancy into my room... I've hung it up and love it so much already... I'm really really happy with it and I already feel happier every time I come into my room."

original abstract painting


"I’ve attached a photo of Things Fall Together in its new home in my living room! I love looking at it in a corner where I’ve put some of my favourite objects. Thank you for the really sweet note and extra art goodies that you sent with the painting."

Playground Love 7x11%22 $30.jpg


"Hannah's art is truly remarkable and always brightens up my day. Her approach to her collectors is very sweet, you can tell she truly cares! In addition, she makes art for all sorts of budgets, which is very thoughtful... It's hanging in my office in the background of all of my Zoom calls. Multiple professors have commented how much they love the artwork! When my partner and I move into our dream home, we will be sure to get bigger pieces to brighten up the spaces and give them more of a playful touch."



"I was drawn to Hannah's work by the bright colours, textures, and uniqueness of each painting. They are bold and confident and I love how they fit with other artwork in our house, telling a story of who our family is. Hannah's website is easy to navigate and everything from costs to shipping details are upfront."

Original abstract paintings


"It’s not just the beautiful, vibrant paintings I look forward to seeing each day. It’s also the changing style that emerges over time, which is fascinating to watch. And even more important to me is that this is the best pitch for the value of art therapy I can think of. For the artist to use art as her own therapy and tell us about how she works through her emotions as she creates each piece provides an intimate inside look at the process of creativity."



"I ordered three pieces from Hannah and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Hannah was so helpful and pleasant when answering my questions about framing. Everyone who comes over to my home notices her pieces on the walls and loves them. I would recommend her artwork if you're looking for some affordable and bright statement pieces."

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