I knew I was an artist the moment I held my first paintbrush. I was 2 years old. Something about the colours and their infinite possibilities, the joy and the freedom, spoke to me.

But then I got older. 

I started comparing myself to other artists. I got lost. I got competitive. I got defeatist. If I couldn’t be the best, what was the point?

And it was in asking myself this very question that I came to realize:

What makes art valuable is how it makes us feel. 

I make art because I need to. It’s not only the way I express myself, it’s the way I become myself. My child self. Joyous and free. Without restriction and without judgment.


Hannah Kaplan is a Toronto-based abstract painter and illustrator. Her vibrant works have been featured in online publications and OCAD’s Artworks 2018, but Hannah believes her art is best carried in hearts and homes.

Black lives matter. 10% of all sales will be donated to Black Legal Action Centre.

Toronto, ON, Canada