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How Art Adds Value to Your Life: 4 Benefits of Owning Art

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

If you're an artist, you may already know about the benefits of making art and flexing your creative muscles. But even if you're not artistically inclined, it is still absolutely possible to appreciate, collect, and understand art.

4 benefits of owning art

1. Owning something you love (and trusting your own good taste) is reason enough to invest in original artwork

Many people see art as a business investment, and only make a purchase when they have reason to believe it will appreciate in value over time.

Personally, I see collecting art as more of a hobby, where I am drawn to a specific piece of art intuitively, and I make the decision to buy it because I know I have to have it. I'm not expecting what I buy to appreciate in value; it is already valuable because it makes me happy. And choosing to treat myself to something that is technically a luxury simply because I love it is a powerful way of respecting and following my instincts, regardless of any logical reason.

If you like the art, it doesn't have to follow the latest trends, and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, because you know you've responded to the art in a meaningful way, and that is worth investing in.

2. You get to be part of something exclusive that has yet to be discovered

When you buy artwork directly from the artist, not only does all your money go directly to the person making the art, you're also getting in on the ground floor of something that has yet to be discovered by the world at large. That usually also means you may get to invest in quality art for a lower cost, since the artist isn't having to cover all kinds of gallery fees and other expenses that pile up as their art becomes more in demand.

3. Take home a unique, original artwork full of heart and soul

This isn't your typical mass produced department store art we're talking about here! Buying real art means you get more than a unique home decor piece (although you get that, too). It's also a physical embodiment of the artist's journey, with layers upon layers of paint reflecting the time, effort, and emotion put into it. That's the kind of thing that just can't be reproduced.

4. Transform your space into one that inspires with colourful art

When your external space reflects your personal aesthetic, there's little question that your mood can improve. But you don't have to take my word for it. Here's what one of my lovely collectors had to say about how investing in my intuitive art transformed their space for the better:

“Your art is really very special and your pieces all say something unique and speak to a different aspect of emotions and life that I really appreciate… It looks so nice and brings some really great vibrancy into my room… I’m really happy with it and I already feel happier every time I come into my room.

And another one said this:

“I ordered three pieces from Hannah and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Hannah was so pleasant and helpful… Everyone who comes over to my home notices her pieces on the walls and loves them. I would recommend her artwork if you’re looking for some affordable and bright statement pieces.”

Why should I buy original art?

In addition to all the reasons above, another benefit of owning art is that you get to support a small business owner who very likely does a little happy dance whenever they get a new order! Whenever I send out an order, no matter the size, I always like to include all kinds of fun extra goodies, like free mini paintings, stickers, and a hand-painted, handwritten thank you card. I truly love selecting each item with care for each specific customer.

Collecting art is about so much more than getting an eventual return on investment. It's about acknowledging your instincts and acting on them. It’s about trusting that you know what you want, and knowing that you deserve to indulge yourself by customizing your environment to inspire you.

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